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The goal of Alkuajatus

Alkuajatus as the tool to reach inner freedom
Alkuajatus and spirituality

Alkuajatus and religions

Alkuajatus and psychology

Alkuajatus - the meaning of the word

Alkuajatus as the tool to reach inner freedom

Alkuajatus opens the eyes for the truth and the reality.

Alkuajatus focuses on the core of each matter in a precise and a clear way. It helps the reader to observe the inner as well as the outer reality in a way that helps him to open his eyes.

Alkuajatus is the tool with which the reader easier can approach the knowledge that he in fact already has, but which his consciousness isn't open to see. His consciousness can be partly open to the knowledge, in which case the insights come easily. Regarding the matters where the reader’s consciousness isn't open, the gaining of an insight requires more focusing.

Alkuajatus brings forth the answers to the basic questions of life.

Alkuajatus helps the reader to define the basics of life clearer than any other previously offered knowledge.

Alkuajatus is the key to inner clarity

Alkuajatus presents the problems with inner clarity, and also the solution to them. In Alkuajatus the reader finds the tools to open up and to clear his inside, and to get the insight of the essence of both the inner and the outer reality.

Alkuajatus unfolds the purpose of life before your eyes

The purpose of life has for a long time been a problem to the mankind, and no answer to it has been found. Alkuajatus helps the reader to find the answer to the purpose of life.

Alkuajatus is the door to genuine independence

Genuine independence is inner freedom to be and to be fulfilled. Alkuajatus helps the reader to find genuine independence, in other words the free true selfhood.

Alkuajatus is your guide and the truth is your reward

Alkuajatus guides and helps the reader to reach the source of knowledge. The knowledge that is sought for is already in each and everyone. Alkuajatus is the tool with which each and everyone can help himself to find the knowledge in himself.

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