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The goal of Alkuajatus
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The goal of Alkuajatus

The fundamental goal of Alkuajatus is the free world.

The route to the free world goes through the inner freedom of the individuals.

The world is free to the extent the individuals have inner freedom.

The free world is based on our genuine own wills. It corresponds to what we truly would want the world to be.

In that world there are no superfluous humans without purpose, since each and everyone has an inner will and thought of doing and of participating.

In that world each and everyone has what he needs.

In that world there is no power. In that world there is free will and free individuals.

The free world is possible to the extent the humans are inner free. The present world is subjected by the power game and the humans have lost their genuine wills.

Alkuajatus is the tool to reach that goal.

The reaching of that goal depends on ourselves.

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