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Alkuajatus and religions

If one as a religion wants to understand beliefs or the belief in a heavenly ruler, then Alkuajatus is not a religion.

However, Alkuajatus can be understood as a religion, since it focuses on the rediscovery and the restoring of the spiritual origin.

Alkuajatus is most likely the only religion that denies belief and clearly says that Alkuajatus is not the truth, it is a tool to observe the truth.

The word religion can easily give a wrong picture of the matter, since it is often associated to beliefs.

Religion comes from Latin and it's seen to have its origin in the Latin word: religare, re = re, ligare = unite. Thus the word means to reunite, which in turn means the restoring of the original connection and by defining this way Alkuajatus is a religion or a religious philosophy.

Alkuajatus doesn't have a confession of faith, a salvation doctrine or gods and it also doesn't have a moral doctrine, threatening with final judgments or anything other such things that don't have anything to do with the truth.

Alkuajatus helps one to understand and free the inner world, but it doesn't tell anyone what to do or how he should live.

When the person reaches inner freedom, then he lives in the truth and he is good. He doesn't need salvation doctrines, gods, moral doctrines or threats of final judgments to be good, because he is that by nature when he has inner freedom.

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