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Alkuajatus and psychology

Since we often have encountered thoughts where Alkuajatus in some way is assimilated with psychology, there is reason to point out the fact that they are two completely different things.

Alkuajatus is knowledge about the human inside, psychology is not that. They are in no way compatible, not even regarding their concepts.

Alkuajatus can't at all be understood from the viewpoint of psychology. It can be explained, but in that case the one explaining doesn't understand any of them.

Psychology studies human behavior from the outside, it doesn't study the human inside, and it doesn't know the human inside.

Psychology is a tool of power. Its goal is to adapt the humans to the present reality and its terms. It's also often used to subject people in different ways, for example in marketing and politics.

Psychology has taken the mind controlling role of the religions as people have distanced themselves from the religions. Its purpose is the same, in other words to be a tool of power.

Alkuajatus is a tool with which the human himself studies his own inner world to see how it works, and to understand how he can reach inner freedom. Alkuajatus goal is to help people to reach inner freedom and the genuine own will, and the freedom of the genuine own will.

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