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The goal of Alkuajatus

Alkuajatus as the tool to reach inner freedom

Alkuajatus and spirituality

Alkuajatus and religions

Alkuajatus and psychology

Alkuajatus - the meaning of the word


Alkuajatus is a tool to reach inner freedom.

Alkuajatus is not the truth, it is a tool to observe the truth.

Alkuajatus is not to be believed in. According to Alkuajatus the seed of lie is in belief.

Alkuajatus is used as a tool to observe the truth. The observer has reached the truth to the extent he can see it within himself.

With the help of Alkuajatus one learns to listen to his genuine self and to free himself to act in accordance with the genuine own will.


The purpose of these writings is to bring forth Alkuajatus viewpoint.

The understanding of the writings might require studies of Alkuajatus.

A lot of things can be expressed in similar ways in different sources, yet they can mean something very different. Alkuajatus has its own viewpoint and something written from Alkuajatus viewpoint can be difficult to understand as it's meant without the studying of Alkuajatus viewpoint.

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