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The goal of Alkuajatus

Alkuajatus as the tool to reach inner freedom

Alkuajatus and spirituality
Alkuajatus and religions

Alkuajatus and psychology

Alkuajatus - the meaning of the word

Alkuajatus and spirituality

Alkuajatus offers the tools to clear up the consciousness and to confront the truth.

Alkuajatus doesn't tell anyone who he is or what he should do, but Alkuajatus offers a map to the seeker of truth, so that he can find his own answers.

When we understand our own inside, we can clear our consciousness and find in ourselves everything that we have ever wanted to find.

We already have the knowledge of our inside, but we can't remember it.

True spirituality is within us, we only have to free it. It can't be learned, it has to be found again.

Alkuajatus is the guide to spirituality, but the seeker himself is the answer.

Alkuajatus is the tool, but we ourselves do the work.

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