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The Active Book and The Insight Evening

The Active Book and The Insight Evening have been developed based on the experiences that we have got from different ways of gathering to approach the knowledge, for example The Insight Mill as well as video konferences and chats on the Internet.

The Insight Evening is a new way so have an enjoyable evening of insights at home for example with your friends.

You can find out how to arrange and go through with The Insight Evening in The Insight Evening Guide that you can download for free from the Activities section.

The Active Chat is a chat found on Alkuajatus home page and where we focus on the topics of The Active Books.

Alkuajatus way to have The Active Chats and The Insight Evenings respects every person and it highlights the importance of insights and gives them space.

With the help of The Insight Evening guide you can arrange a succesfull Insight Evening. It also helps you to benefit the most of The Active Chats.

The thought in The Active Book can also be used to focus on you own at home. It helps you to focus on the matter in a good way.

When clarifying the inside it's good to remember that the most important thing isn't the quantity of the knowledge, but the quality of the observation of the matter.

The structure of The Active Book

At the top of the example page the is a thought presented. Each person reads it by himself and tries to understand what it means. The purpose of the text isn't to be something that you learn as a truth. The purpose of it is help you make observations within yourself about the own person and the inner world, and also to help you open your eyes to see how the inner works.

There are questions in between the text where we stop to observe the matter based on them.

See a full-size example page here.

You will learn to observe matters and get results

You will learn to notice that you have answers within you that you haven't notices before, or answers that you have noticed but maybe didn't believe that they are true.

You will learn patience and notice that patience isn't painful and boring, but the route to what you have always wanted to reach.

Learning that leads to insights is fun, since the result of it is what you have always wanted to find.

Learning is boring only if you don't find what you want and are forced to do it.

The Active Book is an interactive book

The Active Book is an effective way to focus on knowledge. Its interaction is between the reading of the text and the observation. The reading of knowledge alone doesn't do anything. Remembering it and thinking of it doesn't take you to the goal, which is inner clearness, since without the observation and genuine seeing the inner won't clear up, no matter how much you read or think.

The reader focuses on the text to get the message in the book. The next step is to observe the own inside with its help, and the questions help him to strengthen the observation of essential matters. That makes the reaching and the seeing of the inner faster and more effective. The questions don't limit the observation, which can be done as much as one wants, but the questions help to strengthen the observation and the learning of observation.

At The Active Chats or at The Insight Evenings the observation is done together with others. Each person observes the text by himself, but the communication with the others about it strengthens the own observation as well as the others observation. A well and freely performed discussion strengthens everyone. There are no losers, everyone is a winner.

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Studying at your own peace

Studying at your own peace works too, but it's requires more than focusing in a group. However, for some people it suits better.

If you experience studying at your own to be better, it's good to try The Insight Evenings and The Active Chat, so that you base your understanding on knowledge that you have tried. Shyness or other reasons to avoid others isn't a good reason to study on your own.

A good reason is that the person can concentrate in the best possible way and gets the best insights.

When studying at your own it's good to use the thought of The Insight Evenings and The Active Chat, which means that you learn to observe without preconceptions, without critisizing yourself or others while observing and so on. The Insight Evening Guide, which you can find in the Activities section, and the instructions of The Active Book tell you more about it.

The Insight Evening at home

The Insight Evening can be made to a nice experience if you have it together with your friends for example.

This occation can be both enjoyable and giving to everyone.

It's good to read The Insight Evening Guide carefully. The Insight Evening Guide can be found free of charge from the Activities section.

In this way you can improve the spiritual atmosphere between the participants, since it helps everyone to see the world with new eyes and to understand each other better.

The Active Chat

Alkuajatus will open more Active Chats as required. Participation is included in the price of the book. The only requirement is that you have the topical Active Book.

Moreover, the participant should read The Insight Evening Guide and the instructions of The Active Book, so that the discussion would happen in good spirit and expediently.

Read more about The Active Chat in the Activities section. There you also find the latest version of The Insight Evening Guide. Anyone can try The Active Chat to see how it is even without a book, but then we ask you to observe only, since it's not possible to bring up insights about a subject that one hasn't read. If you have familiarized yourself with the topic from an other viewpoint isn't the same at all. The purpose of Alkuajatus Active Chats is to discuss matters in the spirit of The Active Books and its viewpoint, not other viewpoints, since other viewpoints belong to other occasions.

See also The Active Chat weekly schedule, in which you will find the days and times of The Active Chats.

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