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Learn to Listen to Yourself 1 Active Book

In this book we focus on improving the inner freedom, the reasons that prevent it and how to approach and learn to listen to the genuine selfhood.

The approaching of the genuine selfhood strengthens the understanding of life, the reasons and the purpose of life. It helps the mind to clear up and brings inner peace.

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Paperback, 15,5 x 22 cm, 48 s.
ISBN: 9789522866929



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NOTICE: Results require the focusing upon and the understanding of the matter.

This book in Finnish - Tämä kirja suomeksi
This book in Swedish - Denna bok på svenska

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Preface of the book

This Work

This work doesn’t give you ready answers. This work helps you to observe matters in such way that you find your own answers from your inside.

In this work we focus on the basic matters considering listening to your own self, which are absolutely essential for us to understand if we want to learn to listen to ourselves at all.

Alkuajatus doesn’t make anyone to himself. Alkuajatus helps the person to approach his genuine selfhood by observing matters and by insight.

Alkuajatus doesn’t tell you how to live, how to be, what is right and wrong, good and bad. All these are questions that each and everyone need to answer to himself.

It’s good to focus properly on this book. Without a proper focus it works as well as uneaten food.

It’s good to be aware of that no one else can focus on the person’s inside besides the person himself. If you won’t bother yourself, nothing will change and nothing will get better, but it might get worse.

This book can be focused upon thoroughly and at the same time you can take a step towards greater inner freedom. Or then you can read through it quickly and miss your chance to find what you seek.

The biggest part of what this book gives is born out of the readers own insights, which are the result of good focusing, and those insights are the goal of this book.