Table of Contents
Why to Clarify the Inner?
Inner Confusion
The Truth and the Lie
To Observe Knowledge
Forms of Belief
To Believe in the World’s Thought
To Question and to Have an Open Mind
Voluntary Donations

Don’t copy or plagiarize the thoughts in this book. If you experience them to be worth mentioning, be responsible and tell people about this work, in other words tell them about the source of the thought, not only your own thoughts that are born based on the thoughts in this book. Help people to find the same source. Anything else would be dishonest towards people but also towards yourself.

Alkuajatus is an independent, original thought and an entirety of its own that isn’t based on other thoughts. Don’t mix different thoughts when you observe matters. Each thought is its own and ob- serves matters from its own viewpoint. They are not the same thoughts, even if they might have similarities or they would consider the same matters.

When we speak of knowledge about our inner world, only the original knowledge has worth. Know- ledge of the inside is found only by focusing on the own inside. A study done from the outside doesn’t produce knowledge of the inside, it produces knowledge about the reactions and the behavior of the human. That research doesn’t have any direct connection to the inside of the human.

Knowledge that is collected on basis of what others have found on the inside is second hand knowledge, and the one telling about it doesn’t have a direct connection to the knowledge. Without an own personal observation of the inside it’s a product of thinking, a product of the imagination.

The truth is not a cocktail that can be collected here and there according to one’s own mind and of seemingly compatible pieces, and it isn’t found by studying from the outside and creating it by thinking.

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