Voluntary Donations

Invest in the inner freedom and
join the creating of the free world.

To support this book is a voluntary donation to support Alkuajatus activity. The base for the donation is the person’s own experience of what he gets from the book and how much he is willing to invest on maintaining and promoting Alkuajatus activities, so that other people also can get the same things.

For Alkuajatus to be able to progress, it needs money just like any other activity. Alkuajatus doesn’t rely on government funding or any other funding, since it has to preserve its independence and get its strength directly from those who want to support it. We either finance a functional organization together, or then we will never see one.

If someone doesn’t experience to get anything from it, he doesn’t have to invest in it, since he thinks it doesn’t give him anything. He can try again, but if he doesn’t get anything from it, there is no reason to try endlessly.

The genuine selfhood wants inner freedom to the world, since it’s the only way the free world can be born. The person is willing to invest in the matter to the degree he is near his genuine selfhood. Then he helps himself as well as others. At the same time he strengthens his own will and it helps him to make progress.

To donate to Alkuajatus isn’t to give alms or charity, it’s a purposive investment to promote Alkuajatus activities. It’s to invest in the free world, to support the birth of it, voluntarily.

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