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Alkuajatus activity requires money just as any other activity. We are not an exeption and the spreading and activities of Alkuajatus can't work without using money.

For us to be able to put an effort on spreading Alkuajatus, we need the economic support of those who experience that the spreading of Alkuajatus is valuable.

Alkuajatus is non-profit and non-commercial work, which goal is the inner freedom of everyone and the free world.

If you value Alkuajatus, take responsibility for the matter and give your contribution to help the promoting of it. Invest in the free world, help it grow. At the same time you strengthen your own will in the cause of inner freedom.

Even small amounts are helpful. Choose an amount in the table to the right and send it to us by using Paypal.

The donations will be used to advance Alkuajatus.

Alkuajatus terms of the donation

The donor can't ask for a refund.

No terms can be set for the donations, nor can the donor require advantages or benefits based on the donation.

The donor assures that he doesn't put his own economy in difficulties by donating.

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