To be a Supporting Member is to Take Responsibility

Our money strengthens that which we use it on.

Alkuajatus activity is non-profit activity. The goal is not money, nor power. The goal is an inner free world. Alkuajatus services and products are made to fulfill Alkuajatus goals.

Alkuajatus goal is a world where the born child can say that it’s nice to come here. The world has to be changed to be free for that to be true. The free world comes only from the inner freedom of the humans. It doesn’t come from anything else or in any other way.

For us to be able to help people to get knowledge and to spread Alkuajatus, the activity needs to be financed in some way, otherwise the activity will be too difficult or even impossible in the long run.

For example, for the activity to be financed by book sales, the sales and the price would have to be much higher. It would prevent the spreading of Alkuajatus and in big parts of the world it would be an insuperable obstacle to the spreading.

We finance the world’s thought power game’s world with large sums each month voluntarily or involuntarily. Our work maintains the governments, the armies, the bureaucracy, the education, the arms industry, the corporations, the churches etc. We transfer our work as money to be used by the power game, directly or indirectly. The power game, or any of its institutions, wouldn’t stand without people’s work. Our work feeds it with the energy that has made it to flourish for thousands of years.

If we want to change the world, we have to finance that which takes us towards the free world, and put our energy into that which helps people’s inner freedom and helps the free world to grow and to flourish.

We have been taught a set of values according to which the truth should be free or very cheap, it has to be kept financially weak.

Isn’t that a good way to keep everything that helps the inner freedom to make progress weak and the organizations of the power game strong?

Do we value the free world and do we want to build something that supports the inner freedom of the humans?

If we value it, then we are prepared to work for it and to use our energy to help its birth and to make it grow.